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by Robert Dotel on December 17, 2013

If you are a regular visitor to this site I recommend you visit my other domains:






There you may find additional Jyotish - Vedic Astrology articles of your interest. I will continue to update this and the above domains on a regular basis. Thank you for visiting.

New Website Now Online! - Kaaraka.org

by Robert Dotel on July 4, 2012

Om Namah Shivaaya |

Finally! After waiting for the right time to publish my new domain, kaaraka.org is now online.

Please visit to continue enjoying my Jyotish articles.

Do I have Gajakesari yoga?

by Robert Dotel on July 3, 2012

One of the most popular articles from the old website is about Gajakesari yoga. Here is an excerpt:


Do I have Gajakesari yoga?


Many a times people reach this website while looking for the meaning of Gajakesari yoga. Often, they write to me requesting a confirmation of this yoga in their charts.

Maharishi Parashara provides the following definition in the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra:

“Gajakesari Yoga. Should Guru be in a Kendra from Lagna, or from Chandra and be yuti (conjunct) with, or receiving a Drishti from benefic, avoiding at the same time debilitation, combustion and inimical Rasi, Gajakesari Yoga is formed. One born in Gajakesari Yoga will be splendorous, wealthy, and intelligent, endowed with many laudable virtues and will please the king.” (BPHS 36:3-4)


To read the entire post please visit Kaaraka.org and select Jyotish Ariticles.

Follow me on Twitter - Muhurta for Publishing New Domain

by Robert Dotel on May 7, 2012

Om Namah Shivaaya|

A good muhurta is not always easy to find. In the meantime I have to wait before I can publish my work on the new domain. It is not going to be too long, but you can follow me on Twitter and stay connected with me until then.

Moving to another domain.

by Robert Dotel on April 27, 2012

Om Mahadevaaya Namah|

Dear Readers,

Thank you for visiting Gajakesari.com.  The website will be moved to another domain soon.

These changes will include new Jyotish articles and a new layout among other changes.

Please visit again after Sunday to get the name or link to my new domain.

-With Care,

Robert Dotel - Miami, Florida.

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